About Clovis Point, LLC

Paul McDonough
Paul McDonough

Clovis Point, LLC is a Real Estate Investment, Development, and Management firm with focused real estate portfolio’s, one of which is located in Downtown Kenosha, located along the Lake Michigan shore between Chicago & Milwaukee.

We believe in a very micro focused real estate approach, in which we develop strong depth & breath of market knowledge, in a concentrated micro geographical area. Our portfolio’s require the presence of sustainable long term tangible asset attributes that will endear over decades. i.e. Lakefront, Ski-in/Ski, Streetcar lines, Boat Harbors, Metro Stations, etc. Our acquisitions also are in target areas that are experiencing significant additional capital investment. Such as large Government or private developments, typically exceeding $200 Million within the focused geography.

Clovis Point, has developed considerable expertise in Commercial real estate, across a wide variety, such as; specialty retail, restaurants, medical, service businesses, Federal & State Government projects, Corporate offices, Arts & Entertainment, and multi-use residential. While not exclusively, we shine with respect to taking on unique historical properties, and restoring them into high quality properties that can serve today’s tenant’s needs. Clovis Point acts as it’s own general contractor, but utilizes locally family owned & operated sub contractors for electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc. to complete the projects. We believe in being an active and engaged in the communities we are in, and are in for the long term.  Clovis Point, LLC is now in it’s 18th year


old-logoHistorical downtown Kenosha, has tangible fixed assets that will endure the test of time. Attributes such as; Lake Michigan, with a new $30 Million boat harbor, 2 historical Lighthouses, long scenic piers, fishing charters and a thriving boating community. Unique features that create a special place! The historic streetcar system, which takes over 65,000 riders per year thru-out the downtown, and connects the lakefront to the Metra rail line. The metra Station serves Chicago and the north shore of Illinois. The small, relatively condensed downtown has a rich & colorful history. It is home to such well known firms as; Jockey International, Snap-On, Uline, and the birthplace of Simmons Mattress, American Motors, and many others. Clovis Point has worked aggressively over the last 18 years, to save unique historical buildings from the wrecking ball, and bring them back to life, so hopefully they will endure for many generations to come.

Today’s Downtown Kenosha, is the recipient of the growing trend of Urbanization, with baby boomers returning to their downtown roots, and millennials desire for walk ability and participative things to do! The historic downtown boast unique shopping boutiques, micro breweries, a variety of tasty restaurants, lively cafe’s, live community theatre, musical venues, warm coffee houses, etc. Most downtown businesses are owner operated.
The lakefront setting is ideal for a wide variety of activities and events. Activities such as; Wisconsin Marathon, Taste of Wisconsin, (which drew over 41,000 participants), Easter Hopp, Ice sculpture festivals, Grill games, Restaurant week, multiple car shows, and yes, even, Cheese-A-Palooza! (It is Wisconsin after all!) These activities, along with the four museums, and renowned historical streetcar, attract visitors from around the globe. In fact, tourism in the Kenosha County accounted for $228 Million in spending in 2018!


Clovis Point is unique, in that we can not only assist you in finding the ideal location for your business, but we can custom design and build out your space. We work hand in hand with our clients utilizing local architects, to design the right space. We act as our own general contractor, yet utilize local trades and business in our contraction, most of which are family owned. We believe in turning our $$$ over several times within the community, by hiring and purchasing locally. If we cannot offer you the right space, we will and have, introduced tenants to other property owners that may have the best fit for their particular requirements. We truly exhibit our philosophy that we want your business to be successful, whether you locate in one of our properties or elsewhere downtown. A active and vibrant downtown helps all businesses, as a high tide “lifts all boats”.


Carmelo photo1      Mr. Carmelo Rodriquez.
Mr. Carmelo Rodriquez serves as Property Manager, overseeing all the Kenosha properties. Carmelo’s positive energy, and great sense of humor are welcomed attributes when dealing with the inevitable daily issues and tasks, required with managing a real estate portfolio. Carmelo is a Military Veteran, and we all are very appreciative of his having served our county. He continues to volunteer in his free time for various community activities, such as Snow Daze Festival, Lightin’ Up, etc. in our lakefront downtown.


Mrs. Donna Dioszegi.
Donna has worked on all aspects of Clovis Point, from serving as Managing Director, to hands on work such as scrapping old plaster & painting. Shown here with daughter Lillian, Donna left Clovis Point to start her own Green cleaning company, Simply Green & Clean.

Local Partners

JRD Carpentry

John R. Dioszegi is the owner and master carpenter of this family owned business. John has handled the vast majority of the Clovis Point revitalization projects. He is truly a “Jack of all trades” in his skilled abilities to install complex architectural and structural support features, flooring, storefronts, cabinets, etc. Our renovation projects always encounter a hidden and unusual aspect or situation. John’s creativity often shines thru in his solutions to these difficult renovation issues. (johndioszegi@msn.com)

Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric

This wonderful, family owned business has been serving SE WI for over 40 years! They are responsive and have a depth of expertise which is instrumental in dealing with some of these historic structures! They have shown great pride in their work, and enjoying being a part of the revitalization of our lakefront downtown historic district. (Lee plumbing.com)

Pieper Power

For large electric jobs, the strong depth and breadth of Pieper electric has been instrumental in the renovation of the large buildings in our downtown. Todd Winters, a Kenosha native, knows the downtown electric grid, with it’s unique and challenging idiosynchronies. Pieper Power performed all the electrical on our downtown Streetcar system. (pieperpower.com)

MFS Services, Inc.

Mark Schultz, Principal, is a master at designing & installing new storefront window systems, doors, etc. He has been doing glass work in SE WI for over four (4) decades. (mfsservices77@gmail.com)

Shaffer Electrical

Dale Shaffer, Principal, has over 30 years in running his own electrical contracting firm.  Shaffer Electric focuses on; Commercial * Industrial * Agricultural * Residential.  Great reliable, honest service. (dale@shaffer-electric.com)

Josh Martin Roofing

Josh Martin, Principal, grew up in the family roofing business.  Josh Martin Roofing specializes in; Commercial, Industrial, Residential & Sheet Metal Roofing.  A wonderful, honest, Get it done local firm!