Twenty years of Pure Bliss Celebrated in Downtown Kenosha

Twenty years of marriage celebrated right here in their hometown, Downtown Kenosha. It was a no agenda celebration for local couple, Darrell and Janette, as they took two leisurely days to explore the Downtown area as visitors for once and enjoy each other’s company. It was a beautiful Tuesday night for them that began by being greeted with champagne at the front desk of the “Stella Hotel and Ballroom.” The couple spent the rest of the evening dining at the “1844 Table and Mash,” experiencing unique tastes from a fine dining atmosphere and special attention to detail from the staff. It was one of the most memorable times for Darrell and Janette.

Already off to having a great start to their celebration trip, they woke up the next morning by treating themselves to delicious coffee and pastries at the “Cafe @ The Stella”. After a small breakfast, they took a stroll through the downtown area to reminisce over past jaunts through the city and check out all that has changed over the years. The weather was perfect for walking so they headed towards “Kenosha History Center” to explore the exhibits showcasing the history of Kenosha and the development of our amazing city. After an educational trip and lots of walking, lunch was very much needed. A lunch break was taken at “The Coffee Pot”, on 7th Avenue, where they enjoyed a home-cooked style meal. After filling up their tummies with food, the couple spent time relaxing and enjoying the view of Kenosha’s lakefront near Alford Park Beach. The sight of sailboats and people enjoying the area were admired, reminding them of how lucky they are to live in such a beautiful and scenic place.

After an eventful morning, it was time to perk back up with some caffeine from “The Buzz”. With their hip menu and laid-back environment, it was the perfect place for the couple to enjoy a little pick me up to continue their day of adventure. To continue on with their relaxation, Darrell and Janette took a ride on the trolley and enjoyed going absolutely nowhere. When you don’t have an agenda, why not circle around the Downtown area and view all the beauty? The trolley ride was followed by some time spent shopping, which led up to dinner time.

To finish their anniversary celebration, the couple made one last stop at The Wine Knot for fine wine and good American bistro-style food. After their two-day leisurely adventure, it was time to sit back and reminisce on the last couple of days and their marriage. Darrell and Janette got to explore their city more while enjoying each other’s company. 20 years of marriage celebrated right here in Downtown Kenosha and every minute of staying in town was for it.