Celebration City!

Summer in Downtown Kenosha has flown by. It seems like yesterday when we were all eagerly counting down the days until the Harbor Market would move outside, to now reaching the tail end of our long summer nights with teasers of the fall to come. In the summer haze we have become a celebration city. We have enjoyed the big events – from the Wisconsin Marathon, to the Kenosha Museum Crawl, Tribute Island, and Taste of Wisconsin, all the way to Tall Ships and our very own Downtown Kenosha Pop Up Beer Garden. We have sat in long lines waiting to taste a funnel cake, go on a carnival ride, try a new beer – just so we could enjoy our lakefront together. And aside from the massive crowd draws, we have been out experiencing the explosion of weekly and monthly outdoor plans – bands in nearly every park sprinkled throughout the city, alleyway bashes and block parties from our local hotspots, art markets, paint and sips, and more. We have reached a time where Kenosha is never short on things to do.

The truth is, this talent, this drive for celebration, is not an organic venture. It takes a group of committed artisans that inspire every day. Downtown Kenosha comes alive in its artistry, its craft. Our festivals could not exist without the efforts of those committed to sharing an experience with others. It takes months of planning, of behind the scenes magic, of hard work and practice to make it look so seamless. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to lay their talents out so publically. It takes sacrifice – physical, mental, and sometimes financial – to invest in our downtown celebrations. But we in Downtown Kenosha have an innate drive for connectivity to each other. We are proud of our skills, we want to show off our great city, and our even greater community of talent.

As we continue moving forward throughout the year you’ll find when stepping foot downtown there is an artistic hum along the streets, especially in the evenings. We will continue being a city of evening crowds, of need for entertainment, of evolving cultures. We come downtown to shop for THE boutique clothing, furniture, and unique art. We dine where there’s escape – in culinary exploration, in nostalgic quaintness, and in excitement of variety. Our music and art scene will continue bursting with talent right at our fingertips where an open mic is the hottest ticket in town, where we wait for the next event Fusion will inspire, where we keeping checking our calendars for the next art display at The Creative Space, and where the crowds make us all feel a little more at home.

We celebrate the big, the little, the ordinary to become extraordinary. Don’t forget about us as the summer heat fades, because we will still be here finding a reason to celebrate all year long.